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Adam Clements over his career has discovered and developed many talented players who have chosen to come and stay within his coaching education programme providing many opportunities and experiences in the game both in the UK and Europe. Adam has worked from grass roots right to the highest possible point of football at various football clubs being the Academy Manager at one. More notably Adam worked for Chelsea FC for 15 years as a coach and in recruitment. 
Below are a few players that Adam has coached from off the park before they were signed by a professional club. Its not what they are now. Its can they be shaped!
We are passionate about youth development. Our aim is to support players to reach their potential and to maximise opportunities to players in the game

Iz CUP.jpg

Isaiah Brown  1997 developed from 5 till 14 years. Became the 2nd youngest player to play in the Premier League aged 16 and still at school. He was transferred to Chelsea FC as a professional as well attracting interest from other European giants.
Isaiah played and has captained England U16 through to U20 winning countless awards.. 
Pictured right is him a lot smaller. Isaiah came to our holiday club where he was selected to join our academy coaching programme where he travelled all over Europe from the age of 8 going to Denmark, Italy, Germany, Finland, France, Estonia, Latvia, Holland to name a few. Some multiple times. Playing clubs like Bayern Munich, Ajax, FC Skonto Riga, Florentina at times playing 2 years above himself was all key to his development. 



Nick Freeman 1995 – Wycombe Wanderers Professional pictured enjoying being promoted. 
Nick came to an open trial that Adam created for Histon FC when he was U14. Adam selected Nick from an trial where he started to be developed. It has been wonderful to see Nick flourish moving onto Wycombe who have been promoted into the championship 20/21 season. Nick played in the same team as Isaiah, Byron and Ben. 

Ant and Jay.jpg

Pictured Jay Da Silva in white for England 1998 – Chelsea FC & England U20 Captain Professional.
Anthony Scully in green for Ireland 1999 – West Ham Utd professional & Republic of Ireland Captain
Just a great picture. Both captaining their countries at the time and coming head to head in a clash country clash. 
Jay was coached in Stevenage and Anthony in Cambridge. 



Keiran Sadlier 1994 pictured in green – West Ham Utd Professional and Republic of Ireland International.
Keiran was one our 1st ever spots. He was about 10 at the time playing for Wisbech St Mary Purple at a tournament in Whittlesey.  Adam introduced Dan Ashworth to his dad Paul. Dan was at Cambridge Utd at the time who signed him. With the collapse of Cambridge Utds youth policy Keiran joined West Ham. 


Byron Lawrence 1996 pictured in blue for Ipswich Town FC.
Byron was selected from an open trial Adam created for Histon FC. He joined Adams team when he was 12 leaving at 14. At 15 years of age he was in Ipswich Town’s 1st team with Arsenal closely monitoring him. Byron played in the same team as Isaiah and Nick.  A great team that I travelled all around Europe with.

Byron Article.jpg
Will Palmer.jpg

Marcus Forss 1999 pictured in red & white stripes – Brentford Professional Finland U21 International
Marcus and Adam came into contact when Adam was coaching in Finland. He was about 13. Adam was always impressed with Marcus attitude and desire. Marcus later moved to England and played for WBA where Dan Ashworth was Sporting Director at the time. He since moved to Brentford FC as a professional.

Jordan Graham 1997 pictured in yellow – Mansfield Town Professional
was spotted when he was 6 years old. "He was just kicking a ball up against a wall at the Paul Pry pub in Peterborough and i knew he had something. I asked his dad who I didn’t know at the time but was a former professional player himself to join my training where he did and played in our Kick-Off teams then joined Leicester's youth system"

Will Palmer pictured England Peterborough United 

& England deaf football teams. Will is currently preparing for the World Cup in South Korea in September as well as the Deaflympic qualifiers against Russia and Greece in 2020.  Will started out coming to our after school club at Hampton Vale Primary for a few years. It is great to see him go on to achieve great things.


Ben Burton Shrewsbury Town Professional 1997 pictured marking Liverpool/England Legend and Captain Steven Gerrard. Knowing Ben he would have got the better on that header! Ben played for Buckden FC and we saw him at a local tournament when he was about 12.  We asked him to join our coaching. His ability to listen along with his superb attitude earned him great moments as seen right.


Ben and Steven Gerrard.jpg

Dion Sembie -Ferris 1996 pictured in blue & white stripes  – Colchester Utd Professional. Dion played in our Nene Valley team before he joined Peterborough Utd as a school boy. Dion went onto playing professionally for Colchester Utd.

Kick-Off Sports provide a superb range of fun filled activities, games and sports
for your children to participate in and enjoy during the school holidays. 


Our holiday camps are tailor made to provide all children from 4-12 years the
chance to participate in activities, develop social skills by making new friends
whilst enjoying being active in a fun, safe and stimulating environment no matter
what your child's ability.

Our holiday camp days structure is similar to that of a school day so

your child can

feel safe and enjoy their day as you continue with yours.

Sporting activities unless stated will vary each day and can include:

EYFS & 1 Years 1 & 2 (Key stage 1)
Football, Invasion Games, Multi Skills, Target Games, Dance, Yoga,

Striking and Fielding to name a few!


Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 (Key Stage 2)
Football, Hockey, Basketball, Dodgeball, Invasion Games & Outside Adventurous Activities to name a few!

With prizes to be won from our competitions. Our aim is for all children to go home happy telling you about their fun filled day. 

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