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The Kick-Off Sports Academy players love being at the Academy. Above all it must be fun. I hope that you will find it fun and that you will enjoy your time with us.

Who Are We?

Kick-Off Sports is an independent organisation that offers Elite Academy level coaching to children aged 5 to 16. 

Adam Clements is the founder. Adam has worked for Chelsea FC for 13 years and was a coach then national scout identifying top talents from the UK and Europe. Adam has developed/nurtured children from as young as 5 into becoming professional football players with a number of them also representing their country. He is highly skilled in recruitment as well as youth development. He has developed a lot of players that have become professionl players including the 2nd youngest player ever to play in the Premier League. His contacts within football are impressive with bigger clubs often signing a player on his advice. 

This means that Kick-Off Sports players are seen by the people who make decisions at many clubs, rather than just one person at one club. This gives our players greater opportunities to progress and a choice of pro clubs to sign for if talented enough.

Our players are taught lots of things “off the ball” as well as on it. Our training syllabus is tailor made for age appropriate training and has always brought a great success.

We are able to work outside of the constraints that happen when children sign for a pro club; therefore a Kick-Off Sports player can receive professional academy level training during the week but can also continue playing for their local team at the weekend.


What We Do…

Training consists of weekly sessions following the school calendar.

We organise friendly games for our U7 to U16 age groups against Premiership and Football League teams throughout the season. Kick-Off Sports Academy Players can also expect to participate in elite tournaments Internationally across Europe as well as domestic tournaments. 

The Kick-Off Sports Academy games and tournament programme means our players are exposed to top English as well as European standards of football. Whilst this is a great experience on the pitch, the sense of team spirit and responsibility are great life lessons and this is often commented on by parents of the players.


 Our Aim...

We strive to give all our players more opportunities and greater experiences designed to help them progress on and off the pitch. 

For players seeking a future playing professionally we hope to make sure that when they do sign for a pro club, it is the right club for the individual. It is never our choice where a player should sign, the decision is one for the player and family. 

Kick-Off Sports is in the process of teaming up with Universities & colleges to provide its players with an exit route at 16 - offering the best coaching for the maximum amount of time while studying,


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