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Kick-Off Sports have proudly teamed up with TS3 SPORTS to deliver all your sports wear needs. Please click our order button which will direct you to our online shop. 

Kick-Off Sports Academy
Back Pack £20

Kick Off Sports Kit (5).jpg
Kick Off Sports Tracksuit (4).jpg
Kick Off Sports Kit Back Pack (3).jpg

Kick-Off Sports Academy
Football Kit £25

Kick Off Sports Kit Hold all (4).jpg

Kick-Off Sports Academy
Kit Bag 

Kick-Off Sports Academy

Tracksuit £35

Kick Off Sports Kit Bag (3).jpg

Kick-Off Sports Academy
Draw String Bag £10

Kick Off Sports Kit Bomber (3).jpg

Kick-Off Sports Academy
Bomber Coat £40

Kick Off Sports Kit Raincoat Back (3).jp
Kick Off Sports Kit Raincoat (3).jpg

Kick-Off Sports Academy

Rain Coat £16.50

Kick-Off Sports provide a superb range of fun filled activities, games and sports
for your children to participate in and enjoy during the school holidays. 


Our holiday camps are tailor made to provide all children from 4-12 years the
chance to participate in activities, develop social skills by making new friends
whilst enjoying being active in a fun, safe and stimulating environment no matter
what your child's ability.

Our holiday camp days structure is similar to that of a school day so

your child can

feel safe and enjoy their day as you continue with yours.

Sporting activities unless stated will vary each day and can include:

EYFS & 1 Years 1 & 2 (Key stage 1)
Football, Invasion Games, Multi Skills, Target Games, Dance, Yoga,

Striking and Fielding to name a few!


Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 (Key Stage 2)
Football, Hockey, Basketball, Dodgeball, Invasion Games & Outside Adventurous Activities to name a few!

With prizes to be won from our competitions. Our aim is for all children to go home happy telling you about their fun filled day. 

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