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Football 1 to 1 Coaching


Private coaching opportunities are available for pupils/young people only looking to benefit from the individual attention of 1 to 1 tuition.  Sessions are delivered by senior members of Kick-Off Sports staff providing coaching to work on very specific areas that are relevant to the individual.  You will receive e-mail feedback on the player’s progress with goals  being set for future sessions after and entail assessment has been conducted.

Aspects of the game that we focus on in our private coaching sessions include Speed with ball, Speed Agility Quickness, Speed without the ball, First Touch, Kicking/ striking Technique, Football Fitness as well as programmes for the individual to work at home.

Although football is a team sport it is very much individual based. 
Which is why an individual emphasis is very beneficial in the fast tracking of an individuals personal development.

If you would like to book please contact us:

Tel: 07850000997  Email:

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